How Tall is Ian Whyte?

Height: 7’1″ (2.16m)

Ian Whyte Height
5’8″ (1.73m) Rob and Ian

Ian is a Welsh stuntman, actor and former basketball player who has appeared in Game of Thrones and films like Alien vs Predator, Solomon Kane and Clash of the Titans.

Standing at a colossal 7 feet and change, Ian towers above 99.999% of people he encounter. He is well over a foot taller than the average Welshman.

How Tall is Steven Seagal?

Height: 6’4″ (1.93m)

Steven Seagal Height
5’8″ (1.73m) Rob and Steven Seagal

Steven is an American martial artist and actor known for films like Under Seige, Hard to Kill, Above the Law and Out for Justice.

Seagal has claimed to be both 6ft 5 and 4 during his career. A towering presence in films, he stands 7 inches taller than the average American male.

How Tall is Pamela Anderson?

Height: 5’5″ (1.65m)

Pamela Anderson Height
5’8″ (1.73m) Rob and Pamela.
Rob is in 1 inch Sneakers, Pamela in 3-inch heels.

Pamela is a Canadian actress and model, who is best known for playing C.J. Parker on Baywatch, Vallery Irons on V.I.P and Lisa on Home Improvement. In film she starred in Barb Wire.

Whilst Pamela claimed to stand nearly 5ft 7, she looks closer to 5ft 5 in person, which is on the high end of average height for a female in Canada.

How Tall is Amazon Eve?

Height: 6’7 3/8ths (202cm)

Amazon Eve Height
5’8″ (1.73m) Rob and Amazon.
Rob has near 1/2 inch more sneaker than Amazon

Erika Ervin is an American transgender model, trainer and actress who has appeared in  American Horror Story: Freak Show and in American Horror Story: Apocalypse.

Measured by Guinness at an average height of a fraction over 6ft 7 inches, she stands well over a foot taller than the average American female and 10 inches taller than your average American male.

How Tall is Jason Isaacs?

Height: 5′ 10.75″ (1.80m)

Jason Isaacs Height
5ft 8 (1.73m) Rob and Jason

Jason is an English actor, who is best known for starring in films like The Patriot, Hotel Mumbai, Peter Pan, Event Horizon, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and TV series Star Trek: Discovery.

Jason has claimed to be 5ft 11 and on another occasion 5ft 10. For an Englishman, he stands just above the average height of 5ft 9 and 1/4.

How Tall is Carrie Anne Moss?

Height: 5’8.25″ (173cm)

Carrie Anne Moss Height
5ft 8 (1.73m) Rob and Carrie

Carrie is a Canadian actress and model, who is best known for playing Trinity in The Matrix Trilogy and for roles in Jessica Jones and Models Inc.

Carrie stands at a solid 5 feet 8 inches tall, which is 4 inches above the average height of a Canadian female. She claimed to stand 5 foot 9.

How Tall is Nike Air Max Ltd?

Height: 1.34 inches (3.4cm)

Nike Air Max Ltd thickness

Nike Air Max is a very popular series of Sneakers that were first launched in 1987. This particular model – the Nike Air Max Ltd –  was released in 2002.

With comfortable padding and an air cushioned sole, the Air Max Ltd also provides you with a decent boost to your height, adding between 1.3-1.4 inches or 3.4cm of thickness as illustrated in the video below:

How Tall is Nike Shox NZ?

Height: 1.38 inches (3.5cm)

Nike Shox NZ Thickness

The Nike Shox NZ is a version of Nike’s popular Shox series launched in the 2000’s, which are designed with thick cushioned heels to provide good support and absorb impacts when running.

This particular NZ model sports one of the thicker columns used in Shox, giving you almost 1.4 inches of height, or about 3.5cm.

How Tall is Maryse Mizanin?

Height: 5′ 7.5″ (1.71m)

Maryse Height
5’8″ (1.73m) Rob and Maryse Mizanin
Rob is in 1 inch sneakers, Maryse in 4.5 inch Heels

Maryse is a Canadian professional wrestler, reality star and glamour model.

Standing at a height of 5 feet 7 1/2 inches tall (171-2cm), she is 4 inches taller than the average Canadian female, who is almost 5 feet 3 1/2 inches tall.

How Tall is Alberto Del Rio?

Height: 6’2″ (1.88m)

Alberto Del Rio
5’8″ (1.73m) Rob and Alberto Del Rio

Alberto is a Mexican-American professional wrestler who was billed as tall as 6 foot 5 by the WWE.